Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry” means anything that is done to conserve or preserve tooth structure and the health of the mouth. This is a major focus in dentistry today because nearly every one wants to have a healthy smile and the ability to chew for their entire lifetime. Major emphasis is given to this at Dr. Davis’ office.

In the past, prevention was only thought of as oral cancer screenings, cleanings, and strategic use of fluoride and sealants. We still do all those things, but today prevention starts with a complete oral assessment. There are three ways teeth can be lost: gum disease (the most common way), dental decay, and wear and tear issues (the long term effects of clenching or grinding).

Once a complete assessment of your mouth is done, we can determine where and how your dental health might be at risk. Then we can recommend preventive measures to lessen that risk. Prevention can be in the form of dietary counseling, special home care techniques, interceptive medicaments to stop early gum disease in its tracks.

Prevention can be addressing tooth wear before teeth get that “worn out” look, or finding a tooth that has gotten loose because it hits too heavy when you bite together. It can include repair of a cracked tooth before it breaks, or preventing decay in someone who has developed a dry mouth as a side-effect of blood pressure medication.

Prevention-minded people like the way Dr. Davis takes the time to explain potential hazards to their dental well-being and steps they may take to avoid them.

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