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“In the past twelve years that I have known Dr. Clayton Davis, I have always considered him a mentor in terms of his personal and professional character. He and his staff are totally committed to doing the right thing by his patients. The treatment plans that he develops for his patients are guided by integrity – placing the patient’s needs and welfare above all else. He carries out those treatment plans with passionate skill and attention to detail born out of years of experience and continuing education at the highest levels dentistry has to offer. As a result, his dental work reflects his commitment to proper function, aesthetics and longevity, and is in my opinion, ‘just plain gorgeous.’ In addition to being a leader in the field of dentistry, Dr. Davis is a family man who has become a strong community leader. Over the years I have been proud to count him as not just a professional colleague, but as a close personal friend.”
Dr. Paul Korb, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon | Johns Creek, GA

“You can count on Dr. Clayton Davis, from the simplest to the most challenging treatment plans which are technically demanding to implement. He will always provide an excellent clinical solution with the most aesthetic requirements for his patients, one outstanding doctor!”
Gary Killgo, C.D.T., Georgia Dental Laboratory, Inc.

“I am a retired dental hygienist that worked for Dr. Davis for a number of years while I lived in Georgia. Having also worked in a dental college with faculty members and other private dentists I was able to appreciate the attention to detail, quality of materials and technique that puts him in the category of a master in his field. Sadly, Iowa is too far to travel now to see him!”
Doreen L., R.D.H.

“I am a dentist, and he is who I have chosen for my dental care. He is one of the best dentists in the United States and I trust him completely with my dental care.”
Gary I., D.D.S.,

“Dr. Davis and his staff are the best! I would recommend them to anyone. They take such great care of their patients and are such a warm and welcoming practice. Dr. Davis did an amazing job with replacing my two front teeth. He paid close attention to detail, they really are like a work of art. Janet, Deborah, Payge, Dixie and the rest of the staff paid such close attention to my needs and even willingly played with my 1 year old daughter when I was unable to find a sitter for her. Having to have your teeth replaced is not a fun thing but they helped to make it so much easier than I ever imagined it could be. I had a clear understanding of what was being done and what the goal was. I will continue to come see Dr. Davis for my 6 month cleanings – and I live almost 2 hours away from his office! I can’t thank them enough for all that they have done for me in this past year!”
Kathryn L.

“I highly recommend Dr. Clayton Davis. He takes care of our whole family. He and his staff are wonderful. So many in our neighborhood use Dr. Davis’ services, and once you meet him and his staff you will see why.”
Kathy G.

“A few months ago I was desperate, depressed and ready to have every tooth pulled. I was too embarrassed to smile. My husband and I decided it was time to seek out help. I knew there was a dentist office in the Crescent building off Satellite Blvd. We called the office and set up an appointment with Dr. Davis. That’s when things turned around for me. From the first phone call, to walking into a very warm reception area, I was greeted with smiles and conversation from everyone. It is truly a wonderful atmosphere. Then we had our consultation with Dr. Davis. After that we knew we had picked a winner! This doctor is a perfectionist, and his staff is caring and professional. My teeth are beautiful, I cannot stop smiling. For that alone Dr. Davis and staff, thank you!!!”
Lois D.

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